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Greeting from the President

In 1958 the introduction of the cutting edge Subaru 360 shocked the Japanese Automobile Industry.
As an automotive parts maker, we at Fuji Machinery also trace our origins to the Subaru 360.
For half a century Since then, Japan's car society has achieved rapid development, including improvements in safety, faster cruising speeds, and better overall function.
As a member of the Subaru group,we have continually met the rigorous demands of market with our product offerings.
Also, as a dedicated automotive parts maker, we have used our in-house technical knowledge to branch out into new markets such as transmissions for the construction, agriculture and industrial markets.
Amidst the new style of motorization that characterizes the 21st century, one where the automobile coexists with nature,we as a specialty maker will continue to anticipate the market needs with the development of products with the best technology and highest quality.
We kindly ask that you continue to favor us with your cooperation and assistance.